The coalition supports a wide-range of campaigns targeting the petrochemical expansion currently underway. Work is focused on actions at the grassroots level to halt and stop the massive network of cracker plants, pipelines, gas wells, a storage hub and related industries that would jeopardize the health of people and the environment. People Over Petro supports the growth of jobs in clean, renewable industries.

The U.S. Oil and Gas Industry is preparing to unleash a surge of new carbon-polluting industries between now and 2050 at a time when the world must begin committing to rapidly decarbonizing the atmosphere to avoid climate disaster.

This reckless expansion of operations will take a toll on the health of people, the environment and push Paris Climate Accord goals out of reach.

Drilling Toward Disaster” identifies the major hotspots for this expansion as the Permian Basin in Texas and New Mexico and the Appalachian Basin spanning Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio. Industry is racing forward to build infrastructure that will join existing industry operations in Oklahoma, Louisiana, the Gulf Coast, Alaska, Prudhoe Bay, Colorado, California and North Dakota. This rapid expansion must be slowed and stopped through actions. 

There are endless other ways to bring jobs and economic vitality to the multi-state region. People Over Petro supports the end of fossil fuels as an energy source and embraces a broader, far-sighted vision that reimagines our region through the expansion and growth of renewable energy industries and businesses. 

We encourage like-minded individuals and organizations across the country to join us in the fight. We stand in solidarity with people fighting petrochemical industry growth across the United States: Texas, Permian Basin, Eagle Ford, Oklahoma; Louisiana and the Gulf Coast; Alaska, Prudhoe Bay; Colorado; California;  North Dakota

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  • 6-8PM on Tuesday, October 29, 2019 at St. Clairsville Parks & Recreation. Hosted by Concerned Ohio River Residents: Ned Ketyer, M.D., and Matthew Mehalik, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Pittsburgh-based Breathe Collaborative, will discuss the “Environmental and Health impacts of Ethane Crackers and Shale Gas Development.”Continue reading EVENT: Health and Environmental Impacts of Cracker Plants […]

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